Administration  |  Admissions Procedure

Admissions Procedure

Application Form:

  • Complete application form.
  • Provide all requested documents on submission.

Assessment / Interview

After receiving a completed application, the office will arrange the following:

Grade R - 7

Learner will be invited to come for an assessment / interview with the Primary School Principal.

Grade 8 - 11

Grade 8 learners will need to complete Maths and English assessments. Thereafter an interview will be arranged.

Grade 9 - 11 learners may be asked to complete an assessment. An interview will be arranged.

On Acceptance

  • The learner will receive a written confirmation of acceptance.
  • A date will be given by which the enrollment fee needs to be paid to secure the learners place. If the fee is not paid and no correspondence received by the due date, we will accept that the learner has chosen not to take the place at St Marks.
  • Official St Marks contract to be completed and submitted along with the transfer letter from the learners current school.

Please note:

  • No learner who is two or more years older than the average age of their grade will be admitted into the school.
  • Any learner who is 2 years or older than the average class age, will not be accepted for re-registration in the case of failing a year. Behaviour and attitude will be carefully observed.