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Disciplinary System

Cards are issued to learners for various offences and cards accumulation will result in cards being converted.

Yellow Card

This is a warning card and may be issued for various offences as listed. A yellow card really says "Beware."

Learners who do not hand in tasks or projects on the due date will not be issued with a yellow warning card, teachers will issue a green card immediately.

Green Card

A green card will result in an hour of detention on Friday afternoon per green card.

A green card may be issued without a yellow card having first been issued depending on the offence. 

The Principal may convert a green card to writing out, or even may convert it to a red card, depending on the seriousness of the offence. 

A green card may also be cancelled in exceptional circumstances, but never without first consulting with the issuing teacher. This will be an exception and not the norm, only in the event of extenuating circumstances of which the issuing teacher may be unaware. 

Blue Card

A Blue Card is issued for incomplete homework.

Tasks and projects not handed in on their due date, will result in a straight green card and will not be classified as incomplete homework. 

Red Card

A Red Card is issued for extremely serious offences. Any learner receiving a red card MUST be sent to the Principal's office. The principal may suspend a learner from class whilst consulting with witnesses and will notify that learner's parents/guardians, depending on the seriousness of the offence. 

Learners who receive a red card may be required to do Community Service (on specific Saturday mornings allocated for Community Service workshops) or sit a longer detention.

Should a learner receive three (3) red cards in one term, the Disciplinary Committee reserves the right to request the learner be withdrawn from the school, depending on the seriousness of the offences, or they may not be allowed to re-enroll at the school the following year. 

Card Accumulation






parents/guardians will be called to attend a meeting with the Principal and/or School Director.


parents/guardians will be contacted - warning of suspension and detention on Saturday morning at the discretion of the Principal.


Suspension of learner, meeting with Disciplinary Council.

N.B. Detention letters to parents will show accumulated information of cards received over the term. Yellow or blue cards may be converted to a detention if issue is for the same offence. 

Furthermore, please note, detention MAY NOT be carried over to another week unless for extremely serious reasons. If parents do not send their children to detention, a meeting will be called with the Principal and School Director, as this constitutes a breach of contract. This is the school's form of discipline and parents/guardians are strongly encouraged not to override it.


Disciplinary cards are not accumulative over the year so learners may begin each term with a clean slate. However, the learners file will record their disciplinary cards for the whole year, and in the event of a serious offence, cards may be carried over to a new term or year at the discretion of the Principal, if the learner is on behavioural probation. Any cards issued in the last week of a term will result in the learner sitting detention in the new term.

Learners in Grade 6 and 11 will have all cards kept on record for the entire year, as this will be taken into consideration for Prefect / Monitor selection at the end of the year. 

Yellow Card Offences

(Will become GREEN after one warning)

Late Arrival for class

Thoughtless/unkind statements

PT Clothes left at home

Forgetting books at home

Talking without permission

Trespassing in "Out of bound" areas

Untidy appearance

Riding bicycle or skateboards on school grounds

Bad behaviour in change rooms

Damage to own property

Leaving class without permission

Absent without consent (Sport)

Damage to trees, plants, garden

Disruptive behaviour in classroom

Graffiti in workbooks

Aggressive behaviour (Verbal)

Not having stationary

Not covering Workbooks / Textbooks

Item for class task left at home

Breaking 30cm Rule (hugging, holding hands, etc)

Untidy presentation of work

Irresponsibility: clothing / items constantly in lost property

Green Card Offences

(No warning necessary)

Damage to another's property

Dishonesty and telling lies (minor consequences)

Damage to school property

Cheating in class test (copying)

Disrespect for authority

Bad attitude, arrogance, defiance

Inciting peers, causing disharmony intentionally

Not reporting an incident to the teacher / office

Copying work from someone else

Aggressive behaviour (contact or non-contact)

Tasks or Projects incomplete or left at home on due date

Damage to textbooks (plus replacement cost)

Littering (plus R10 Fine)

Verbally threatening another person (minor threats)

Throwing stones (dangerous play)

Inappropriate language usage

Invasion of privacy

Incorrect Uniform

Chewing of Gum on the premises

Red Card Offences

(No warning necessary)

Fraudulent Signatures

Dishonesty and telling of lies (serious consequences) 

Leaving school grounds without permission

Bad language / swearing / vulgarity

Bunking class / school

Plagiarism in tasks / projects

Graffiti on desk, walls or school property

Bringing disrepute to school name

Extortion of another person's property

Red Card Offences

(With Suspension)

Racist Remarks

Cheating in class test/exam (crib notes)

Disrespect of Authority (serious)

Unacceptable sexual innuendos / behaviour / harassment

Aggressive behaviour/fighting

Verbally threatening another person (serious threats)

Serious disruptive behaviour

Serious damage to school property


Possession of prohibited items:

  • Cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, knives, BB guns, Pornographic material, crackers, etc.