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School Rules & Policies

The reason for these rules is to ensure order, discipline and correct behaviour, to create a positive work ethic and pride in their school.

Access and Permissions

  • No learner may enter the church except for assemblies or when accompanied by a staff member.
  • Assemblies will be held in the church auditorium and learners are to be silent and show reverence.
  • The hall and church reception is completely out of bounds to all learners unless accompanied by a staff member.
  • No learner may enter the school grounds through the gate that teachers drive through (closest to the walkover bridge), unless you are on a scooter or motorbike.
  • No learner may wait for their parents/guardians at the entrance to the school reception.
  • Learners may only go to the school reception if they are:
    1. Paying school fees
    2. On an errand for a staff member
    3. Getting medication from the office
    4. Needing to make an emergency phone call
    5. Handing in or collecting their cell phone

Equipment, Property and Possessions

  • Learners may not use the photocopy machines under any circumstances.
  • No graffiti is permitted on suitcases, bags, clothing or school property.  No offensive pictures or graffiti may appear on or in any school books.  Inappropriate magazines may not be brought to school and no swearing or shameful literature will be tolerated.
  • Books are to be treated with the utmost care and protected in school bags. Learners are responsible to replace damaged textbooks.  It is also the responsibility of the learners to write their names on literature, books, clothing and other personal possessions.
  • Theft is a serious offence and any instances of this nature will be treated extremely seriously, either internally or by the South African Police.  Learners may be exposed to a polygraph test in the event of any serious offence being committed.  St Marks reserves the right to expel any learner for theft.
  • Littering is a serious offence and all litter is to be placed in the dustbins provided at strategic points. A R10 fine will be imposed on any person seen littering. Learners are expected to pick up litter and place it in the drums provided in order to maintain the neat appearance of the premises.
  • All personal effects and belongings are brought to school at the learners / parents / guardians own risk.  This includes money, clothing, school bags, cameras, spectacles, any digital equipment and/or any other item that may be deemed personal and does not form part of school property.
  • Computers and other teaching equipment may not be moved, and no one is allowed to work on these without proper permission and supervision.  Damage to any equipment will result in the parents/guardians of the offender being charged.

Arrival and Departure

  • Learners must arrive at school punctually.  If learners arrive late for school, they must report to the School reception. Should they arrive late three or more times they will be green carded and have to sit in detention.
  • Learners may not leave the school grounds during break times.  This is strictly prohibited and will result in serious disciplinary action.
  • Learners are not permitted to speak to members of the general public or learners from other schools at the school boundaries. 
  • Learners from other schools or outside friends may not come onto the premises without proper permission, and if permission is granted, visitors need to report to the school reception to announce their arrival. 

Classroom Etiquette

  • Under normal conditions, no learner is allowed to enter the classroom before school or during break time, unless accompanied or given permission by a staff member.
  • Learners are expected to be in their classrooms during the lesson periods and no learner may leave school during the school day unless the Principal has granted permission.
    Permission will only be granted for a learner to leave during the school day to attend an appointment, on receipt of a written request from the parent or guardian. Learners must inform staff members prior to them leaving for the appointment.
  • Learners are to stand and greet staff members at the commencement of each lesson. 
  • Learners may only leave a classroom during teaching hours if they have a ‘Classroom Pass.’  Should they be outside of a class without permission (no pass card), they will receive a disciplinary card.
  • At the end of break times, when the bell rings, learners are to proceed quickly to class.  Learners arriving more than 3 minutes late for class will be carded.
  • If a learner has to change into sports clothes for Physical Education, they have 5 minutes to do so.


  • A letter / email from parents/guardians is essential in the event of a learner being absent from school. 
  • Should a learner miss more than two days of school, a doctor’s certificate is required.  All appointments with doctors, dentists, etc. should be made after school hours so that the learner is not disadvantaged. 
  • A learner who is absent for a test or examination must produce a doctor’s certificate or will receive 0%.  They will be required to write the test on their return to school.
  • A learner who is absent from school on the day they have to sit detention must also produce a doctor’s certificate or further disciplinary action will follow.
  • A learner who has been absent from school is not excused from doing the work that they have missed over that period. 
  • It is the learner’s responsibility to find out what work was done and to catch up what was missed.   It is not up to staff members to inform learners, but they will gladly advise when asked.

Long-term absenteeism

  1. Should a learner be absent for more than 10 days in one term without valid reason, they will not qualify to be registered in the school for the following term. 
  2. Learner absenteeism affects planning and the classroom dynamic and therefore will not be permitted unless due to extreme circumstances.  As St Marks School is an educational facility for full time students only, work cannot be done via correspondence or by individuals at home without the necessary interaction in a classroom environment.
  3. In the event of extreme circumstances, authentic proof of prolonged absenteeism must be provided from sources other than parents/guardians or relatives (i.e. medical certificates, reports from counselors, etc.).

Learner Participation

  • It is compulsory that all learners from Grade 1 to 12 participate in at least one sport or extra mural offered by the school. 
  • Learners that are not able to attend a practice must provide a note to the school secretary or their coach, from their parent/guardian. 
  • The times of the practices and extra murals will be on the sports timetable that is issued at the beginning of each term. 
  • Official school sport uniforms must be worn for practice and matches.
  • Learners who participate in a sport or cultural activity outside of the school are not exempt from in-school sport or extra-murals, unless specifically representing St Marks in that external sport.

Learner Code of Conduct

  • All learners are to be aware that they represent St Marks  School and therefore are expected to behave in an honourable, decent and respectable manner.  In no way should the reputation and image of the school be tarnished. 
  • Learners must be neat and well-behaved whether in or out of school uniform. 
  • Learners are to show respect to authority and to their fellow peers at all times.
  • No learner may have in their possession or make use of cigarettes, electronic vaporisers, alcohol or drugs, on or off the school property, in or out of uniform. 
  • Learners enrolled at St Marks School may not smoke cigarettes or any other substances, or drink any alcohol or take drugs of any kind, whether they are of legal age or not, whilst they are enrolled in the school.  The learners’ lives are very important to us and we take the above very seriously.  We will do everything in our power to protect them from the dangers of alcohol and drugs and request the support of all parents and guardians in this matter.  Breach of this rule will lead to suspension, serious disciplinary action and dismissal from the school.
  • No immoral conduct or swearing is allowed, whether in school uniform or civilian dress.  Disciplinary action will be taken which could lead to an immediate dismissal from the school. 
  • Behaviour on buses, at bus stops and in public places must be impeccable at all times.
  • Learners are required to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness.  Should this need attention, learners will be directed to relevant staff members who will assist in addressing this matter.  Strict confidentiality will be maintained at all times in this regard.
  • Should a learner be caught cheating or copying from another learner during tests or exams, the learner will be suspended and serious disciplinary action will be taken.  Dismissal from the school may result depending on the severity of the offence. 
  • Victimisation, bullying, harassment and discrimination are offences that are viewed very seriously by the school authorities and bullies will be disciplined accordingly.
  • St Marks  School has zero tolerance for any form of racism and will not tolerate discrimination against any person.  Everyone has inherent dignity and the right to be fully respected and protected.

Uniform Regulations

Parents and guardians are requested to please ensure that learners are appropriately dressed and that their hair meets the correct requirements.  It is not the responsibility of the school to have to card and discipline learners for incorrect uniform and hair rules, when parents should be checking and implementing this at home. 

  • Learners are to be neatly dressed in full school uniform during the school day.
  • School shoes must be polished and laces tied at all times.
  • Girls wearing white socks must fold them down neatly – they may not be rolled down.  No anklet socks are allowed.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Undergarments may not be colourful or seen through white school shirts.  Colours worn must be neutral and inconspicuous.
  • Skirts may not be shorter than 8cm above the kneecap when standing.

Lost Property

  1. All items of clothing must be clearly marked with the learner’s name.
  2. Any clothing found without a name (lost property) will be handed over to the school shop for resale.

Condition of Uniform

All uniform items and accessories must be kept clean and in good condition. The following are some of the things to be avoided:

  1. Buttons missing on shirts and blazers
  2. Badly faded skirts / blazers
  3. Shirts that are too short to be tucked in
  4. Short skirts
  5. Rolled up skirts
  6. Jersey sleeves too short (not reaching wrists) or baggy, oversized jerseys


  1. Learners are to wear their blazers at all times whilst in school uniform, off the school premises.
  2. During school hours, learners may take their blazers off when in class and during break times.
  3. Blazers are to be worn in all assemblies.

Rain Jackets

  1. Rain jackets may only be worn when it rains.
  2. If raining, learners may wear their rain jacket on their way to school and when they leave the school premises.
  3. Rain jackets may not be worn during the school day.

Warmup Tops

  1. Warmup tops may only be worn during sport and only for the sporting codes that permit them.
  2. Warmup tops do not form part of the official sport uniform and as such must only be worn during warmups.
  3. The official sport tracksuit must be worn when leaving matches and practices.

Book Bags

  1. Learners’ bags may only be black or navy.
  2. No name-brand logo’s or colours are allowed.
  3. Bags must have strong divisions in them to protect textbooks and workbooks. (No floppy or soft bags are permitted.)
  4. No bags on wheels are permitted.
  5. St Marks School bags are available to purchase, from the school shop.
  6. Parents have the option to have their child’s name silkscreened onto the bag at a small extra cost.

Personal Appearance

  • Learners are not to stand or walk with their hands in their pockets.

Make-up and Nails (Girls)

  1. No make-up is allowed when in school uniform, including foundation, mascara, eyeliner, lip-liner, lipstick, lip-gloss, blush or eye shadow.
  2. Permanent make-up is not allowed.
  3. Girls may only wear clear nail varnish. (Colour or French manicures are not permitted whilst in school uniform.)
  4. Nails may not be longer than 1 mm over the fingertip.
  5. Single finger nails may not be grown longer than 1mm over the fingertip.
  6. Nails must be kept clean and neat at all times.

Nails (Boys)

  1. Boys nails must be clean and may not be longer than the tips of their fingers.


  1. Girls - No jewellery other than ear studs or sleepers will be permitted. Where there is more than one hole in an earlobe, only one earring is allowed per ear, which is to be worn in the lowest hole.
  2. Boys - No jewellery other than watches may be worn.
  3. Only plain watches may be worn.
  4. Learners will not be inspected for belly rings but should they show other learners their belly ring whilst in school uniform, the school reserves the right to confiscate such jewellery and ban the said learner from wearing the jewellery to school again.
  5. Medic alert bracelets / necklaces may be worn.
  6. No cultural, ceremonial or religious jewellery may be worn to school.
  7. Rubber wristbands may not be worn with uniform, unless as part of a St Marks School fundraising initiative on specific days with permission.
  8. If a learner wears incorrect jewellery to school, it will be confiscated and a R20 fine will be imposed before it will be returned.
  9. Body piercings (including tongue rings) and tattoos are strictly prohibited at St Marks School, with the only exception being one set of earring piercings for girls.

Hair (Boys)

  1. Hair is to be short and neat, not touching the collar, ears or eyebrows.
  2. Hair may not be coloured, dyed or bleached.
  3. Hair may not be longer than 5cm on the top of the head.
  4. Spiking of hair is not permitted.
  5. Hair on top of the head should be in proportion to the length of the hair on the sides and back.
  6. No braiding, cornrows, dreads, plaiting, spiking, mullets, mohawks, undercuts, steps, zigzags or shaved-in paths are allowed.
  7. No extensions are allowed.
  8. No heads may be shaved bald.
  9. Hair may not be shorter than a No. 1 setting on hair clippers.
  10. Sideburns may only extend halfway down the ear.
  11. No hairstyle may attract undue attention.


  1. In the event that a staff member notices any facial hair growth on our male students, the learner will be sent to the office immediately to collect shaving cream and a razor and will need to shave at school. The cost of this will be R5 to the parents account.
  2. Should parents or guardians object to this, they will be phoned to collect the learner from school and make sure that the learner is cleanly shaven before returning to school.
  3. It is the parents and/or guardians responsibility to make sure that this rule is adhered to and learners should not be permitted to leave home without being properly shaven.
  4. Learners who ignore this rule will be carded along with the above.
  5. Should a learner have valid skin allergies, irritation or acne, and be unable to shave, a letter from a specialist dermatologist will need to be submitted to the school.

Hair (Girls)

  1. Hair is to be clean, neat and orderly at all times.
  2. Hair that touches the shoulders or is longer, must be tied up.
  3. Hair may not hang loosely down the sides of the learners face.
  4. Fringes may not hang in front of the eyes and must be tied up.
  5. No shaggy or untidy buns or up-styles are permitted.
  6. Neat braiding, cornrows or plaits are permitted but must conform to the rule of not attracting undue attention.
  7. Properly formed dreads will be permitted but freeform dreads are strictly prohibited. Should a learner wish to grow dreads, they may only do so by braiding the hair until it is long enough to be tied up. Buds and knots are not permitted.
  8. Hair may not be coloured, dyed or bleached. However, natural highlights or lowlights will be permitted as long as they blend with the learners natural hair colour.
  9. Peroxide or dramatic colour streaking is strictly prohibited.
  10. Hairstyles may not obstruct the view of other learners seated in class.
  11. No hairstyle may attract undue attention from others.
  12. Hair accessories (hair ties, hair clips, Alice-bands, headbands) must be navy or black. No fashion accessories are permitted. Headbands may not be worn on the forehead.


  • On certain days, learners are given permission to wear civvies to school.  However, specific rules apply that must be adhered to in order for learners to maintain this privilege.
    1. A maximum of two sets of earrings may be worn by girls.
    2. Boys may not wear earrings to school, not even on civvies day.
    3. Learners must be dressed respectably.
    4. Miniskirts are not permitted. (Skirts may not be shorter than 8cm above the kneecap
    5. Shorts may be worn but must be no shorter than 8cm above the kneecap.
    6. No part of a learner’s midriff may be visible.
    7. No undergarments may be visible - this includes any underwear that is sticking out (uncovered) or wearing incorrect colours that are visible through clothing.)
    8. No clothing items may have any offensive or suggestive slogans or graphics.
    9. No stiletto heels may be worn to school on civvies days. 
    10. Girls may wear make-up but it must be natural / light.
    11. No spray-colouring of hair on civvies days is permitted unless for sports days or special events. 
    12. No caps, hats or beanies may be worn whilst in class on civvies days.
  • Learners not adhering to the civvies rules will be suspended from school for the day and this will reflect in their file.
  • A red card will be issued should civvies rules be breached. 
  • Parents will be asked to collect the learner from school.
  • Should a learner break any of the civvies rules a second time, they will be banned from wearing civvies for the year.