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School Rules & Policies

The reason for these rules is to ensure order, discipline and correct behaviour, to create a positive work ethic and pride in their school.


  • No learner may enter the church except for assemblies or when accompanied by a staff member.
  • Learners may not use the photocopy machines under any circumstances. 
  • No learner may wait for their parents / guardians on the front veranda of the school. learners may wait in the gazebo.
  • No learner may enter the school grounds through  the gate that the teachers drive through (closest to the walkover bridge), unless you are on a scooter / motorbike. High school learners are to enter the school grounds through the middle gate, next to the Church notice board or the gates nearest the chapel.
  • Assemblies will be held in the church auditorium and learners are to be silent and show reverence.
  • The hall and church reception is completely out of bounds to all learners. 
  • Learners may only go to the school reception if they are: 
    1. paying school fees
    2. on an errand for a staff member
    3. getting medication from the office
    4. needing to make an important phone call
    5. handing in or collecting their cell phone


It is compulsory that all learners from Grade 1 to 12 participate in at least one sport / extra mural. Learners that are not able to attend a practice must provide a note to the school secretary or their coach, from their parent / guardian. The times of  the practices and extra murals will be on the sports timetable which is issued at the beginning of each term. Official school sports uniforms must be worn for practice and matches.


  • Absentees: A letter from the parent/guardian is essential in the event of a learner being absent from school. Should a learner miss more than 2 days of school, a doctor's certificate is required. All appointments with doctors, dentists, etc. should be made after school hours so that the learner is not disadvantaged. A learner who is absent from a test or examination must produce a doctor's certificate or will receive 0%. A learner who is absent from school on the day they have to sit detention must also produce a doctor's certificate or further disciplinary action will follow.
  • A learner who has been absent from school is not excused from doing the work that they have missed over that period. It is the learners responsibility to find out what work has been done and to meet their obligation. Remember that all work is tested through class test and examinations.

Learner Code of Behaviour

  • Learners must arrive at school punctually. If learners arrive late for school, they must report to the School reception. Should they arrive late three or more times, they will be green carded and have to sit in detention.
  • Learners shall not leave the school grounds during breaks and no one is permitted to speak to members of the general public at the school boundaries. Learners from other schools or outside friends may not come onto the premises without proper permission and need to report to the school reception to be recorded in the visitor's book.
  • Litter is to be placed in the dustbins provided at strategic points. A R10 fine will be imposed on any person seen littering.
  • All learners are to be aware that they represent St Marks School and therefore are expected to behave in an honourable, decent and respectable manner. In no way should the reputation and image of the school be tarnished. Learners must be neat and well behaved whether in or out of uniform. Learners are to show respect to authority and to their fellow peers at all times.
  • No learner may have in their possession or partake of cigarettes, electronic vaporizers, alcohol or drugs on or off the school property, in or out of uniform. Learners enrolled at St Marks School may not partake of any of the above substances (whether they are legal age or not) whilst they are in the school. The learners lives are very important to us and we take the above very seriously. We will do everything in our power to protect them from the dangers of exposing themselves to these drugs and request the support of all parents and guardians in this matter. Breach of this rule will lead to suspension and severe disciplinary action, which may lead to dismissal from the school.
  • No immoral conduct or swearing is allowed, whether in school uniform or civilian dress. Disciplinary action will be taken, which could lead to an immediate dismissal from the school. Behaviour on buses, at bus stops and in public places must be impeccable at all times.
  • Should a learner be caught cheating or copying from another learner during tests or exams, serious action will be taken that could result in suspension from the school.
  • Victimization, bullying, harassment and discrimination are offences that are viewed very seriously by the school authorities and bullies will be disciplined accordingly. 
  • St Marks School has zero tolerance of any form of racism and will not tolerate discrimination against any person based on our Christian ethos embraced by the school. Everyone has inherent dignity and the right to be fully respected and protected.

Classroom Behaviour

  • Under normal conditions, no learner is allowed to enter the classroom before school or during break time, unless accompanied or given permission by a staff member.
  • Learners are expected to be in their classrooms during the lesson periods and no learner has the right to leave school during the school day unless the Principal has granted permission. Permission will only be granted on receipt of a written request from the parent or guardian. 
  • At the end of break times, the bell will ring and learners are to proceed quickly to class. late comers will be carded.

School Uniform and Grooming

  • Learners in school uniform are to wear their blazers at all times when off school premises. During school hours, learners may take their blazers off when in class and during break time. Blazers are to be worn in all assemblies.
  • All items of clothing, uniforms, bags, etc. must be clearly marked with the learners name. Regular checks will be done.


  • Colouring of hair is strictly against the school code and rules for both boys and girls.


  • Long hair must be tied up. Hair is to be neat and orderly at all times.
  • Neat braiding is permitted, but "dreads" are strictly prohibited.
  • Spiking of hair is not permitted.
  • Hair may not hang loosely down the sides of the learners face and is not permitted to touch the collar of the uniform or look unkempt.


  • Hair is to be short and neat and must not touch the collar, ears or eyebrows.
  • Heads may not be shaven bald.
  • No extreme shaved lines or fades.


  • In the event that a staff member notices any facial hair growth on our male students, the learner will be sent to the office immediately to collect shaving cream and a razor and will need to shave at school.
  • the learner will have to pay R5 for the items.
  • If a learner has a medical condition, a doctor's certificate is required. However, now beards will be permitted at all.


  • Girls: Now jewellery other than ear studs or sleepers will be permitted. Please note that where more than one hole in an earlobe, only one earing is allowed per ear, which is to be worn in the bottom hole.
  • Watches may be worn (Fashion watches are not permitted).
  • Boys: Now jewellery other than watches may be worn.
  • Tongue piercing is strictly prohibited and no learner will be allowed to wear a retainer. Regular inspections will be held. Defiance of this rule will result in suspension and serious action being taken.
  • Learners will not be inspected for belly rings, but should they show other learners their belly jewellery whilst in school uniform, the school reserves the right to confiscate such jewellery and ban said learner from wearing the jewellery to school again.
  • Other body piercings and tattoos are strictly prohibited at St Marks School.
  • If a learner wears incorrect jewellery, it will be confiscated and a R20 fine will be imposed before it will be returned. 

Make-up and Nails

  • No make-up is permitted whilst in school uniform.
  • Girls may only wear clear nail varnish and nails may not be longer than 1mm over the fingertip. French manicuring is not permitted whilst in school uniform. Nails must be kept clean and neat at all times. 

Civvies Days

  • On certain days, learners will be given permission to wear civvies to school. However, specific rules still apply that must be adhered to or civvies will be banned indefinitely. These include:
    1. A maximum number of two sets of earrings may be worn by girls.
    2. Boys may not wear earrings to school, not even on civvies days.
    3. Jewellery that is worn, which is not permitted, will be confiscated.
    4. Learners must be dressed in a respectable manner.
    5. No mini skirts, very short shorts or short tops may be worn.
    6. No underwear (bra straps or boxers etc.) may be visible AT ALL.
    7. No dark underwear may be worn under light or white tops/pants.
    8. T-Shirts, pull-over tops or any item of clothing displaying offensive or suggestive slogans or graphics may not be worn.
    9. Make-up to be natural/light.
    10. NO Caps/hats/beanies may be worn indoors at all.

Learners not adhering to the above rules will be suspended for the day. Parents will be asked to collect the learner and the learner will be issued with a red card detention (3 hours).

Property and Possessions

  • No Graffiti is permitted on suitcases, bags, clothing or school property. No offensive pictures or graffiti may appear on or in any school books. Inappropriate magazines may not be brought to school and no swearing or shameful literature will be tolerated.
  • Books are to be treated with the utmost care and suitcases / bags need to be protective and strong. Learners are responsible to replace damaged textbooks. It is also the responsibility of the learners to write their names on literature, books, clothing and other personal possessions.
  • Theft is a serious offence and any instance of this nature will be treated extremely seriously, either internally or by the South African Police. Learners may be exposed to a polygraph test in the event of any serious offence being committed. St Marks reserves the right to expel any learner for theft.