Abridged School Rules (extracted from list)

1. All learners are to be aware that they represent St Marks Community School and therefore are expected to behave in an honourable, decent and respectable manner so that in no way is the reputation and image of the school tarnished.  Learners must be neat and well behaved whether in or out of uniform.
2. No learner may smoke cigarettes or use alcohol or drugs or even be in possession of such substances on the school property or in public.  No immoral conduct or swearing is allowed either, whether in school uniform or civilian dress.  Very severe disciplinary action will be taken which may lead to an immediate dismissal from the School.  Behaviour on buses, at bus stops and in public places must be impeccable at all times.
3. No graffiti is permitted on suitcases, bags, clothing or school property.  No offensive pictures or graffiti may appear on or in any school books.  Inappropriate magazines may not be brought to school and no swearing or shameful literature will be tolerated.
4. Theft is a serious offence and any instances of this nature will be treated extremely seriously, either internally or by the South African Police.  Learners may be exposed to a polygraph test in the event of any serious offence being committed.  St Marks reserves the right to expel any learner for theft.
5. Victimisation, bullying, harassment and discrimination are offences that are viewed very seriously by the school authorities and will be disciplined accordingly.
6. St Marks Community School has zero tolerance of any form of racism and will not tolerate discrimination against any person based on our Christian ethos embraced by the school. Everyone has inherent dignity and the right to be fully respected and protected.
7. A Christian attitude and spirit of goodwill among the learners is paramount and is to be encouraged throughout the school.  Respect is vital in a Christian school and the learner must respect God, himself, his parents, his teachers and his fellow learners and peers.
8. Cell phones must be handed in at the office for safe keeping and are strictly NOT PERMITTED in the classroom.  If confiscated, a fine of R20 will be required in order to redeem it from the office.
9. No MP3 players, Ipods or earphones are allowed to be brought to school.  If confiscated, a fine of R20 will be required to get it back.
10. No valuables are to be brought to school under any circumstances as St Marks School will not be held responsible for any loss or damage of such in the event of personal belongings being brought to school.  All items of clothing, uniforms, bags, etc must be clearly marked with the learner’s name. Regular checks will be done.


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2013 Term Dates

1st Term:
16 January – 28 March

2nd Term:
08 April – 21 June

3rd Term:
15 July – 20 September

4th Term:
01 October – 04 December