Our School  |  Vision

Fulfilling the Vision

St Marks opened its doors to 180 learners on 26 January 1999. Since then we have grown to full capacity and have built separate facilities for the High School and Primary School.


The visionaries, Bruce and Sandy Woolard saw the need for private Christian education at an affordable cost to the community. Their passion for ministry inspired a call to reach children and their parents / guardians in a practical way. Not only was the vision quality education, but mere importantly offering spiritual and emotional support throughout their school career. A happy child is a successful child.

"Not only was the vision to have quality education, but more importantly, to offer spiritual and emotional support throughout the learner’s school career. A happy child is a successful child."

The Whole Learner

At St Marks your child is more than just a number. Each staff member has a personal interest in not only your child's academics but their overall well being. Each learner is known by name and we strive to assist them through any difficulties whether it be in the classroom or in their personal journey in life. 

The Whole Truth

Our Ethos is Christian and we will endeavor to instill biblical principles, morals and values into the lives of every learner. Our approach is in no way forceful but we offer a balanced view that will guide and help the learners in making wise choices. 

Sound Education 

As is required by National policy, we as a school fully adhere to the requirements of the National Curriculum Statement and are assessed and moderated by the Independent Examination Board who works in close association with the National Department of Education and UMALUSI. St Marks has full accreditation with UMALUSI.