Reaching the whole learner,

with the whole truth,

through sound education.

The Whole Learner

Your child is more than just a number. Each staff member has a personal interest in not only your child's academics but their overall well being.

The Whole Truth

We believe in a Christian ethos and will endeavor to install biblical principles, morals and values into the lives of every learner.

Sound Education

We are registered with the Independent Examinations Board (I.E.B), and follow this curriculum, along with most other private, independent schools.

Stand Firm - Stete

Thank you for showing an interest in our school family.


Here at St Marks we are an independent Christian school offering a protective, yet challenging environment for your child to grow and mature in.


We offer high academic standards and discipline.  Our well qualified and experienced staff take their vocation seriously offering a deep understanding of their subjects and a passion for their chosen teaching career.


Our small, well equipped classes seat no more than 20 learners which allows for a quality, deeply personal teaching and learning experience.


At St Marks we believe in a healthy mind, body and soul.  We offer a variety of sports, cultural, social and spiritual development activities to anyone attending our school. Your child will be encouraged, uplifted and challenged to be the best person they can be.


For learners who need that little extra support, we have experienced and compassionate guidance counsellors and mentors.  They work with our teachers to help our learners succeed in every aspect of their school career.  


Now, more than ever, we encourage you as parent or guardian to take hands with us, ensuring that your child will learn to Stand Firm in an ever changing world providing them with the academic, emotional and moral foundation to be a productive member in our society.


We look forward to meeting you and becoming an important part of your child’s life.